A short glance at well known text browsers

2000 ... 2005-03-25

Ironically enough, the following links are plain screenshots (in png format) of the respective browsers, running in an xterm(1).

URL: http://www.heise.de/newsticker/

URL: http://www.microsoft.com

All programs in the named version on Solaris 2.5.
xemacs is rendering by far too slow on a 167MHz/64MB Sparc5.

Note, that you can even click hyperlinks with the pointer, if you're running the textbrowsers in an appropriate terminal emulator. This may sound stupid, but on my slow old SPARC this was more than convenient, using web search engines with extraordinarily complicated HTML output. netscape(1) sometimes seems to adore rendering itself to death about them.

P.S.: For the last version of xv(1) (3.10a, Rev 12/29/94) numerous patches are available; one of them adds support for the PNG format used on this page.