INLIB(1)                        Domain/OS BSD                         INLIB(1)

     inlib - install a user-supplied library

     inlib pathname...

     inlib installs a library at the current shell level; it remains installed
     until the shell that installed it exits. See the note below for
     information on loading a library that is used by all processes.  The
     newly installed library will be used to resolve external references of
     programs (and libraries) loaded after its installation.  (Thus,
     previously loaded libraries and programs will not be affected.)

     Note that only those global references that are marked by the binder
     become visible, and that the default action of the binder is to leave
     globals unmarked.  Therefore, you should take care to mark all
     appropriate globals when you bind your library.

     inlib is an internal shell command.

     pathname (required)
        Specify name of library file(s) to be installed.
	Multiple pathnames and wildcarding are permitted.