From: (Rich Salz)
Newsgroups: comp.sources.unix
Subject: v19i001:  A reimplementation of the System V shell, Part01/08
Message-ID: <>
Date: 30 May 89 18:42:55 GMT

Submitted-by: (Kenneth Almquist)
Posting-number: Volume 19, Issue 1
Archive-name: ash/part01

Ash is a reimplementation of the System V shell.


I conclude by listing a few features that I have omitted inten-

3.  History.  It seems to me that the csh history mechanism is
    mostly a response to the deficiencies of UNIX terminal I/O.
    Those of you running 4.2 BSD should try out atty (which I am
    posting to the net at the same time as ash) and see if you
    still want history.